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Within the last couple of years, drones and small remote controlled aircraft are becoming popular toys/hobbies among adults. The homeowners policy has taken action to exclude or limit coverage. The remote control aircraft liability was excluded under the "aircraft liability exclusion" under the homeowners contract, until the new edition contract was issued August 2014. However, some policies are still using the old form and the aircraft liability is excluded.

"Aircraft" is defined as "any contrivance used or designed for flight except model or hobby aircraft not used or designed to carry people or cargo." (August 2014 edition)

This includes liability for bodily injury or property damage.

Claim Scenario: Flying RC drone/plane with a camera mounted on unit, flying over neighbors property and accidentally video the neighbor sunbathing in the yard. Neighbors spouse files a suit against you and is looking for damages for harassment or privacy infringement. Are you covered? Depends on what edition your carrier uses for the home insurance contract.

Answer: Read your policy.

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