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BK Insurance has partnered with Branch to make home and auto insurance easier to buy and to help you save money.  Branch sets itself apart from other insurance companies by actually being structured to make insurance more affordable. 


How Does It Work?

Getting insurance with Branch couldn’t be easier: just input your name and address and we can get you covered with a real price - no quotes or gimmicks.

  1. Answer two simple questions - Just put in your name and address. If we need more information, we'll make it quick.
  2. Get your price - We tap into secure databases to collect your information and build your profile. You get a price, not a quote.
  3. You get covered - Review, customize, check out. It's as simple as that!



How Does Branch Save Me Money?

Branch was built from the ground up to help members save money. They believe in making the process simple, making bundling instant, partnering with leading companies, and rewarding members. 

By underwriting policies through Branch Insurance Exchange - their reciprocal insurance exchange owned by members (not corporate shareholders,) Branch is able to eliminate many overhead costs. The money they save gets passed on to you! 

Additionally, Branch spends little on marketing, instead offering unique community programs that give their members the opportunity to save even more money by helping to grow their community. This keeps money in your pocket instead of the pockets of advertisers. 

  • Through Branch's My Community Discount both you and your friends can receive 
    Amazon gift cards, and your friends get a referral discount. 
  • You'd never dream of committing insurance fraud. With the Community Pledge program if other Branch members can vouch for you and pledge that they believe you would not commit insurance fraud then you can both earn a 1-5% discount.


Why Choose Branch?

  • Faster - With Branch you can bundle your home and auto insurance in as little as 30 seconds

  • Save More - Because Branch sells direct the costs are kept low and the savings are passed on to you

  • Easy-to-file Claims - You can file a claim instantly online - Branch handles claims quickly and fairly

  • Available On the Go -  The Branch mobile app lets you access your account from anywhere


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