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What is the advantage of using an agent like BK Insurance and Financial Services instead of purchasing insurance directly from a carrier?

By using our services you receive the very best in personalized service. When you deal directly with a carrier your call may be passed on to any available agent, and in large insurance companies you may not speak to the same person every time. At BK Insurance our small staff of insurance experts get to know you and your unique circumstances personally and we become your allies, acting in your best interest. As local independent agents we provide quality insurance products at competitive prices with the highest degree of personalization. 

Will there be an extra charge or fee if I purchase insurance through BK Insurance and Financial Services instead of buying a policy directly from a carrier?

There is no additional cost or fee when you choose to use our services. Our job is to act in your best interest and guide you through the insurance buying and claim making process and we do so at no charge to you. Our compensation comes from the insurance companies in the form of commissions and is never passed on to the customer. 

If I need to make a claim, should I call BK Insurance and Financial Services first, or should I contact my carrier?

We recommend calling us first, although you are always welcome to contact your carrier. As we have worked with you before we will have a better understanding of your circumstances and situation. We really care about you and want to help you and we will always act in your best interest. 

What information is required if I’d like a quote?

In order to request a quote we will only need your name and email address, and a phone number if you’d prefer to be contacted via phone. In order to complete an insurance quote we will also need to know where you live, and depending on what insurance you’d like we may need to know who lives with you, what vehicles you drive, and obtain additional details about your home or yourself. Our friendly experts are happy to help you. You can request a quote here and we will get back to you at your preferred time.

My vehicle’s current market value is very low, do I really need auto insurance?

Most states have laws that require drivers to have, at the very minimum, automobile liability insurance to protect victims of automobile accidents so that they can receive compensation. In the case that the cost of repairing damages to an older vehicle is greater than its market value the insurer may “total” the vehicle and give a check for the car’s market value, minus the deductible on the policy. Vehicle owners with older cars may choose not to purchase physical damage coverage, but would still be required to purchase liability coverage.

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