Tattoo Shop and Body Piercing Insurance

For many years, body piercers and tattoo artists have found it hard to get tattoo shops and body piercing insurance. But that’s now a thing of the past. As a top insurance broker, BK Insurance works with leading insurance companies to offer body piercers and tattoo artists this cover.

Although this type of insurance is difficult to arrange, working with BK Insurance will make things easier for tattoo artists and body piercers working from their shop premises.

What Is Body Piercing and Tattoo Insurance?

Body piercing and tattoo insurance is a special insurance policy that covers owners of body piercing and tattoo shops. Many things that go on in such shops expose both the owners and their clients to risks. 

For example, a client may get injured in the shop resulting in hefty medical and legal costs that the shop owner cannot bear. So, to remain profitable, an insurance cover is necessary to take care of such unforeseen circumstances.

Our Experience

We have solid experience in this industry and have been covering unique business insurance needs since 2004. Our tattoo and body piercers insurance are ultra-competitive and rock-solid, no matter the uniqueness of your business. We dedicate ourselves to offering a top-quality insurance policy backed with exemplary customer service. 

Our program is personalized to serve the unique needs of body piercing experts, permanent cosmetics professionals, and tattoo artists. We offer A-rated insurance services to good, decent, and reputable studios with high hygiene ratings. Our policy is based on a comprehensive liability cover for the protection of our clients.

When you sign up with us, our policy will allow you to enjoy a comprehensive liability cover and a competitive rate that can help you save up to 30% of what you are currently paying.

What BK Insurance Offers

We offer comprehensive insurance cover that will protect your property, staff, equipment, business, and services. Our tattoo and body piercing insurance offering covers:

  • Tattoo shops professional liabilities
  • Minor tattooing
  • Mobile units
  • Conventions and camouflage coverage
  • Tattoo shop and all artists
  • Tattoo artists - independent contractors and guest artists
  • Beauty salons
  • Micro-needling procedures
  • Sexual abuse
  • Apprenticeship programs
  • Property insurance against theft, fire, etc.
  • Coverage for flash, glass, signs, and loss of business income
  • Body piercing and tattoo supply distributors
  • Body piercing - both major and minor
  • Permanent makeups
  • Communicable diseases

In offering these covers, we’ll protect multiple services, including tattoo removal, dermal anchors, broad piercing forms (oral cavity, nipples, genitals, eyebrows, etc.), basic piercing (lips, naval, nose, ears, etc.), and decorative tattoos. Let’s look at some of the insurance covers necessary for your business.

Employee Liability Insurance

Employee liability insurance is a compulsory cover that all businesses operating in the country must take. It will cover you in case one of your employees sue you after getting injured in your shop.

Public Insurance Liability

Public insurance liability isn’t compulsory, but you need it to have peace of mind at your shop. It will protect you in case someone who’s not your employee gets injured in your shop.

Property Insurance

This cover is necessary if you own the building where you offer body piercing or tattoo services. If anything happens to the building, the insurance company will step in and cover the damage. The damage can result from storm, fire, theft, flood, impact, vandalism, lightning, aircraft, or earthquake, to name just a few.

Do You Need Tattoo Shop and Body Piercing Insurance?

BK Insurance is an insurance negotiator and influential advocate on matters of body piercing and tattoo. We offer affordable insurance programs customized for professional piercing and tattoo artists. 

We have a team of experts who stand behind what we offer. If you need a tattoo shop and body piercing insurance, contact us today. Let’s create a comprehensive and affordable package for you.

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